Our Process

Property Identification, Due Diligence and Acquisition

  • Identifying a "location-to-build" is a key factor to the success of any charter school, and is one that our team really understands. Our vast experience in developing residential and commercial real estate enables us to determine an ideal location that suits the varying needs of our charter school clients. Working closely with representatives of the charter school, The School Builders works to fully understand our clients goals and identify sites most effectively suited to the unique needs of the principal decision makers. This allows us to present a solid set of options for our clients to choose from. Our operations also allow us the flexibility of working with schools that might have already acquired their own sites
  • Our firm will complete the initial due diligence by understanding surrounding demographics, competition from existing charter schools, analyzing initial site design, defining entitlement requirement, environmental concerns to develop a preliminary financing structure

Development Financing

  • Once a site has been successfully identified, The School Builders provides 100% of the capital required to acquire, design and construct the school property through relationships with our investors, private equity and partner lending institutions. The Charter Schools do not need to apply or co-sign to any loan

Entitlement and Approval

  • Our team will work with City, State, Federal and other municipalities to obtain appropriate approvals required to build the charter school
  • This stage requires a thorough understanding of the regulatory requirements surrounding the development of Charter Schools, knowledge which members of our team adequately possess

Design and Build

  • Our team of engineers and architects will collaborate with the charter school architect (if applicable) to design the ideal facility for the school. Our design team carefully analyzes the schools programs, mission and goals, including their current and future growth plans to ensure that the new facility is a physical representation of student needs and the schools goals and aspirations
  • We understand that construction is complex and complicated. Thus, during construction, we strive for visibility into our working process. We foster constant communication between all stakeholders by encouraging frequent meetings between our construction managers and the schools management team

Lease with Option to Buy

  • Upon successful completion of the construction project, our team is able to lease the facility to the Charter School under a lease term and rate that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders
  • We understand that, as typical with Charter Schools, it might take a couple years for our clients to take full occupancy of the building. Thus, we offer very flexible lease terms to all of our charter school partners. Depending on their unique needs, our team will work with each school to ensure that the lease terms is not a burden on the schools cash flow